Variant Classic v1.0

A free website template by Andreas Viklund...

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Sample image, aligned leftThis is Variant Classic, a free website template based on the design that was used on until the site was re-designed on September 1st 2010. The name of the template comes from the fact that this kind of 3-column layout has been very popular for several years, and that it is still widely used on blogs and websites all over the world. In short, it is a layout that feels familiar which makes it easy to navigate. The two sidebars (which can be reduced to one single sidebar column if wanted) provides space for a lot of links and widgets, which is especially useful on blogs.

To make it easier to build blog themes and CMS templates based on Variant Classic, styles and code examples for common blog features such as comments/contact form, search form, breadcrumb navigation, previous/next page links, post meta, post tags and RSS link are included.